Te Tii (Waitangi) B3 Trust is registered under Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 as a Maori land holding trust. The Trust was registered on 15 April 1954 at Auckland. It is the governing body that manages the commercial operations of the Waitangi Lands.


The Trust is governed by a board of seven trustees who are elected to the board by the Tupuna Whanau Representatives. 

The functions of the trustees is to administer the assets and revenue of the Trust for the general benefit of those descendants of the original 251 Tupuna listed in the Owners Schedule.



The beneficiaries of the Trust are those who directly descend from one of the 251 Tupuna as recorded in the scheduled owners list in the Native Land Court, 27 July 1891. As at 8 October 2009 there were 1319 registered owners, however it is estimated that those that descend from the 251 Tupuna will have increased exponentially.